MS130 - History of American Popular Musics Template Course


First Year Foundations is a one-credit course in each of the first two semesters (totaling two credits). These courses provide students with the resources, skills, and information that will assist them in mastery of academic and social life at Juniata College. Along with acquisition of skills and knowledge, students will reflect on their journey at the start of their Juniata experience, helping to set the path for the rest of their academic career. Students will add reflective pieces to their portfolio to document their academic progress at Juniata College. Through thoughtful reflection of the Principles of the Liberal Arts Lifestyle, the Attributes of a Juniata Graduate, and the College’s Mission Statement, students will engage with their classmates as they lay the foundations of success. The courses will connect students with a wide variety of campus resources.

First Year Foundations 1: In the first semester, students will “think about who you are.” What does it mean for students to be in college, at this place, at this time? What are their goals for the future? Students work to develop skills necessary for lifelong learning.


Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their ability to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Substantively reflect on their own values and future goals
  • Describe how a holistic and intentional approach to life fosters our collective well-being