Digital Video production is a practical hands-on experience with cinematography, audio production and 3-point lighting. Students learn the necessary skills to tell an audio-visual story with appropriate technical knowledge to enhance the narrative and audience engagement Digital Video Production will teach students how to work as a professional videographer by expanding digital media knowledge and techniques. Students will learn the technical foundations of video production, camera operation, lighting, audio acquisition and editing. Students will have the opportunity to work individually as well as in groups. Students will be encouraged to investigate the impact of video content based on the viewer in addition to artistic potential through digital storytelling. Prerequisites: CM133.

Integrated Media Arts Lab is for students studying or interested in Integrated Media Arts. Through a laboratory context of experimentation and discussion the course explores the use of various technologies (online communities, social networks, digital imaging, audio, video, multimedia work, layout and design, and the World Wide Web) and design to provide students with the practical knowledge, confidence and critical skills necessary to effectively understand and communicate as an Integrated Media Artist.

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