A study of the modern web programming environment, including introduction to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript. The class will address client side scripting as well as server side technology, and accessing a database. These technologies will be combined to create an active, dynamic web page. Prerequisites: CS240. Co-requisites: IT341.

This course is an on-line course which provides an introduction and overview of the field of information technology. The course covers: history of IT, introduction to computing, networks, web development, operating systems, databases, multimedia applications and emerging technologies, and security and societal issues. The class is an online class. Different sections of this course have different "Flavors". This course will cover IT and its relationship to Computer Science.

A study of modern web design along with an examination of markup and scripting languages (e.g., HTML, JavaScript), page, image and multimedia formats, and the techniques in developing and managing a web site. Page design, graphical user interfaces, interactive techniques and the importance of e-commerce are also emphasized. Prerequisites: CS110 or permission.