Information Access, IT-100. A competency based college technology survival course.  1 credit.

Welcome to the Principles of Information Technology!

This course is an on-line course which provides an introduction and overview of the field of information technology. The course covers: history of IT, introduction to computing, networks, web development, operating systems, databases, multimedia applications and emerging technologies, and security and societal issues. The class is an online class. Different sections of this course have different "Flavors". This course will cover IT and its relationship to Computer Science.

IT 260 - To users of any system, the interface is what they see and think of as the computer. Interaction with a computer can be defined in terms of interface, as any part of the computer system that the user comes in contact with, either physically, perceptually, or conceptually. Human interaction with computers can be studied, designed, and evaluated, with the goal being to produce usable products from a human-centric perspective. Prerequisites: Any IT/CS Course.

This course will focus on the area of computer security. Included will be information on attacks, prevention, as well as protection from non-malicious threats. It will look at network as well as web based security. A focus will be on creating secure computer environments from the ground up, not as an after thought.

This course contains the Labs for the Security Engineering Course.