German 210 is the final part of a three-semester introductory German sequence. The primary goals of this course are to enable students to continue building their proficiency in German and to attain a broader understanding of German/Germanic cultures. In this course, students continue to develop their communicative and cultural competence. They begin to show a greater level of accuracy when using basic language structures, and they are exposed to more complex features of the target language. They continue to focus on communicating about their immediate world and daily activities. They read material on familiar topics and write short, directed compositions. Emphasis continues to be placed on the use of the target language in the classroom as exclusively as possible, as well as on the use of culturally authentic materials to learn about the target language and culture(s). There is continued emphasis on using the language in the real world beyond the classroom setting. One way this can be accomplished is through the integration of technology in the classroom, as technology is a means to access authentic information in the target language and to offer students the chance to interact with other speakers.