The East Broad Top Railroad, a National Historic Landmark located about half an hour from Huntingdon, is reopening as a nonprofit entity after being closed for nearly a decade.
The students in EBT Practicum will research, illustrate and write an informative, entertaining, illustrated guidebook produced for sale in the EBT store. The guidebook, inspired by Doris Osterwald’s series of “Mile by Mile” guides to Colorado tourist railroads, would feature sections on the geology and biology of the landscape through which passengers are riding; the industrial history of southern Huntingdon County; the history, operations, equipment, and reopening of the railroad; and the railroad’s extensive and well preserved machine-shop complex.
Assembling this publication will give students a variety of opportunities to do original research, interview knowledgeable people, and produce an accessible, enjoyable, and accurate publication that you will quickly see in print.

• Integration of knowledge and skills from multiple disciplinary approaches to address questions or problems

Engagement with the Self and the World
• Collaborative work in cultural settings from local to global
• Engaged citizenship and respectful interactions