The important part of Juniata's FYC course is not just the ability to write an essay - It's both the ability to think critically and the rhetorical skills we use when writing an essay. In this particular section of FYC, we will break our classroom discussions and writing assignments down into six sections, each centered around a "lie" that we tell ourselves. Every lie presents a roadblock to our ability to think for ourselves and grow into intelligent, opinionated, independent-thinking adults with ideals and stances of our very own. So: what exactly are these lies that get in our way? How do we overcome our roadblocks or deal with our blind spots once we know they're there? What the heck does this have to do with the "important parts of Juniata's FYC course?" And who am I to call you a liar? There are many ways we can engage with all of these questions. Maybe, over the course of the semester, I can help you figure out which ways you need to go to find your answers.