1 Week until Moodle Clean-Up

1 Week until Moodle Clean-Up

by Justine Black -
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Faculty and Staff teaching undergraduate and graduate courses (all others, please disregard),

In order to remain in FERPA compliance, On December 20th, 2017 the following items will be permanently deleted

          1. http://oldmoodle.juniata.edu 

          2. ALL Fall 2016 and earlier, undergraduate and graduate courses  

All courses under the "Administration" category and semesters after Fall 2016 will remain.

To request a course for Spring 2018 OR for a template of course materials to be created for future use, please follow Steps 1 and 2:

Step 1: If you would like previously offered content copied, locate the course on http://moodle.juniata.edu OR http://oldmoodle.juniata.edu and copy the course URL.

Step 2: Submit a work order at https://services2.juniata.edu/cts/jcticket/admin/ with the following information:

          1.    The link to the course you would like copied

          2.    Course Number, including section number

          3.    Course Name

          4.    The semester it will be taught  OR if it is a template

          5.    Full names of instructors


Please send any questions to Justine Black at blackj@juniata.edu .