Automatic Moodle Course Creation

Automatic Moodle Course Creation

by Justine Black -
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Moodle courses are now automatically created each semester based on the Course Catalog.  Please follow the directions below to prepare your course for students.  If you need multiple sections of a course merged or have any issues, please submit a work order.


To Locate your course:

1.Log-in to Moodle, navigate to the course category (department) and click on your course. 


To import a previous semesters content into your new course: 

1.In the Administration block, click Import. 

2.In the Search field (at bottom) enter the course name (i.e. Media Analysis)  and click Search.

3.Under Select a Course, select the radio button for the course to copy, then click Continue.

4.Under Backup settings, check the types of content to copy (activities and resources, blocks, filters, calendar events, and/or question bank); all will be selected by default.

5.Click Jump to final step. 

6.Depending on the size and number of items to copy, the import may take a few moments. You should see a progress bar as the import process proceeds. Once the import process is complete, a confirmation message appears.

7.Click Continue.


To make the course visible to students: 

1.In the Administration block, click Edit Settings.

2. Change the Course Visibility to Show.

3. Click Save and Display.


To enable self-enrolment for students:

1.In the Administration block, click Users, click Enrolment Methods, click the visibility option to the right of Self-Enrolment (eyeball with a line through it)