Spring and Summer 2017 Moodle Course Request

Spring and Summer 2017 Moodle Course Request

by Justine Black -
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Faculty and Staff,

To request a new course for the Spring or Summer, please follow Steps 1 and 2:

Step 1: If you would like previously offered content copied, please go to http://oldmoodle.juniata.edu OR locate the course on http://moodle.juniata.edu and copy the course URL.

Step 2: Submit a work order at http://services.juniata.edu/cts/jcticket/ . Be sure to include:

    1. The link to the course you would like copied
    2. Course Number including section number
    3. Course Name
    4. The semester it will be taught
    5. Full names of Instructors

Please be patient as this process will take longer than in previous years. 

Thank you!